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The Vertebral Subluxation Complex (subluxation for short) occurs when one or more of the bones of your spine, called vertebrae move out of position and create pressure on, the spinal nerves. This causes those nerves to malfunction, disrupting the nerve signals sent throughout the body.

Subluxations and You
The nervous system controls and coordinates all of your bodies functions and activities. When the signal between the nerves and their intended target is interrupted or distorted, the result is a bodily state that is inclined to disease. The body cannot function optimally, because it is getting incomplete instructions, resulting in pain, sickness, lack of energy and other problems. Our goal is to restore your body to a state where there is proper nerve function, resulting in better overall wellness for your body.

What Causes Subluxations?
Subluxations are caused by slips, falls, accidents, sports injuries and birth-related stress. In fact, any trauma to the body or the spine can cause Subluxations, even bad posture or emotional stress.

Correcting Subluxations
We correct subluxations using a highly specialized procedure that adjusts the offensive vertebra back into their proper position. Adjustments are gentle and pain-free. Also, every adjustment is unique, as we give custom treatment to every patient. When the spine is adjusted back to a healthy state, the body is more able to heal itself, naturally.
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